OFFICIAL website for the annual Isle of Wight Jazz Festival – welcome to one and all for information on the forthcoming annual Isle of Wight jazz extravaganzas including new stages at the exciting new venue of East Dene, Bonchurch

Recently described as “an iconic happening” the Isle of Wight Jazz Festival has something old & something new, of great value and variety for all ages, each year in the Capital of Jazz of the Deep South. Make a holiday of it – venture into the world of jazz music and the Isle of Wight. This is a jazz festival full of ‘names’, with innovative programming for those who know and a mixture of jazz for those who want to find out.

The Isle of Wight has recently been described as not having changed much since the 1940’s, as portrayed in the film “A Chip off the old Rock”, so what better time for another fabulous jazz festival, in historic setting with lawns rolling down towards the sea, as a complete throwback to the heyday of jazz and the depression – echoes of times past played out in the present climate – when this musical genre was a release that is more than ever apt right now. Come to the Isle of Wight and escape for a while.

“In short, the festival rocked but in a jazz way; no pretence; all egos were safely secured at the door and the line between Artist and Audience was blurred and that was a good thing. Roll on 2009!” Aramar, who came to our festival for the first time this year with his friend – and has already bought his tickets for 2009, so do join him!

Not forgetting – Good things happen every day but Great things happen all at once!

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